[ic] SurePay Integration

ben schlaver ben@closetgenius.com
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 23:35:38 -0700

ok . so let me just think out loud for a while and see what happens. So
after discovering the globalsub folder, and examining the very similar
signio and authorizenet documents, i decided, hey time to learn perl and
XML.... with out a clue or a handbook!

Here's my situation:

Surepay payment services requires info be exchanged in XML, this is going to
become a lot more pleasant i believe in future Interchange releases, but for
now, I can pass payment data to surepay's SDK.pl file, which translates it
all into XML and call's on PassXML.pl to contact the secure payment


I can us XML_Generator to create a XML Request Document that then contact's
surepay's servers with PassXML.pl, bypassing the SDK. third option is a
SampleCGI.pl script that draw's up a form and submits the data to the SDK
then the XML etc...

So, back to interchange... after I examined the two other globalsubs, i
figured for me, my future clients and the world in general,  it's time for
me to learn Perl, XML, and make a globalsub to share with y'all. Uh.
maybe... now a couple of day's later my head is swimming and i'm not quite
sure what to do... You see the globalsub's in the /eg folder are simple,
short and sweet. there are obvious things happening like my% varmap etc...
but then i goto the various perl scripts surepay offers, and well things are
a bit different. But actually what i am really just stuck on which of the
various way's i should focus my efforts.

	1) use the SampleCGI.pl (the one with the manual authorizing HTML form) and
somehow figure how to omit the HTML crap and put it back together with the
proper MV tags in the whereever the right place is they should go and call
it a globalsub.
	2) use the SDK perl script that converts the order to XML as the globalsub
and keep at it until i figure out where to insert the MV tags.
	3) copy the authorizenet globalsub and simply change "authorizenet" to
"surepay" and see what happens.
	4) scrap all that perl junk and make the globalsub a series of
XML_Generator commands, matching the toplevel_tag order and the "pp."
preface that surepay stuck on what i guess are standard XML fieldnames...
that then would use a commandline type function to Pass the XML to surepay.
	5) scrap the globalsub and use the XML_GENERATOR Tags within the actual
shopping cart templates (or the catalog.cfg or rather order.profiles maybe)
	6) or shutup and go to the bookstore and get a clue on PERL, then choose
option 1 above...

I think that's it... i mean that's the start of it. I don't know much about
programing these scripts, so there's much more for me to happily learn.
However, i definately need the road paved by someone or anyone who's been up
this dirt road before.

thanks for listening

ben schlaver