[ic] Taking a Poll

Dave Jenkins djenkins@redhat.com
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 09:39:29 -0400

Thomas Johnson wrote:

> (SNIP)

> So my question is this: If my company set up some sort of resource
> (maybe even just a WikiWeb?) with the intention of facilitating more
> thorough IC documentation, would more than just a couple people here
> contribute? For example, some longtime users outside of the core
> developers seem to know which tags were present in MV and how they've
> changed; it would be nice to collect all this info in a more organized
> way than on the mailing list.
> Thoughts? Comments?


We are intending to do that very thing on the updated version of the
developer website.  While not totally dynamic at first, the developer site
will eventually include a WIKI-based FAQ and tag documentation scheme.

If you have some core suggestions for architecture, document flow, or
anything on this regard, please contact me directly-- I can make sure your
suggestions get thrown into the mix.