[ic] Taking a Poll

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Mon, 16 Apr 2001 17:32:34 -0400

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 05:11:49PM -0400, IC-Admin wrote:
> Doug Alcorn wrote : 
> > I'm surprised how many people have said the IC documentation is
> > dense.  I would define "dense" as "a lot of information on not much
> > volume" or maybe "more information than expected for the volume".  I
> > don't think the IC documentation (at least for 4.6.x) qualifies.
> Just for the record: I used the word "dense", because cfm did before
> me. I didn't look it up in its full meaning (non native English speaker).
> So, I stuck with the word used in the post I referred to.


1. having the parts crowded together
2. thick; impenetrable  # I'm particularly fond of 'impenetrable'.  Look it up
3. thick-headed; stupid
4. (photographic-technical) opaque

Me, (cd lib/Vend; grep -i ECML *.pm) is the **first** thing I do.
Then I know what to look for in the docs and understand why the docs
say what they do.


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