[ic] Taking a Poll

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 17:50:53 -0400 (EDT)

David Adams wrote :

> 1.  The new tag reference. ... In addition to being on the web site,
> this document will be a part of a printed and bound Interchange
> manual.  <guilt trip>For further documentation efforts to be justifiable
> to the accountants, it's important that we at least make some movement
> toward allaying the costs of producing this documentation by selling
> these manuals.  I'll hope that many people who read this list will be
> buying them</guilt trip>.  I know that people have been clamoring for a
> printed manual that they can buy, so we're trying to meet the demand.

Make that <guilt trip> into a <vacation trip> for whoever the good
person was who wrote this and we are in business. :-) Very nice.

> 2. The new developer web site.  ... We'll be launching some
> Wiki-web-like tools that allow people to contribute to a living FAQ, 
> <guilt trip>Of course, this will only be worth the effort if people
> take advantage of them and they end up benefiting the project, so let me
> know if you think you'd be interested in taking advantage of these
> tools</guilt trip>

Make that second <guilt trip> into a <expedition into the unknown>.
If people having those more interactive tools available still don't
contribute I would think then it means there ain't enough of them there
who could, or they are all just hiding out and playing the nasty, greedy 
boy game. :-) (in German that sounds funny, so I hope in English it
does too, no offense to anyone.)

> 3. Making Interchange easier to use...a site setup wizard...
> "cookbook" demos ...flat-rate pricing table for various tasks, 

All of it is exciting. I like the "flat-rate pricing table" idea very
much. Nothing as bad as for a woman as negotiating prices with car
mechanics, nothing as nice as knowing upfront how much an engine tune-up
job costs. 

> In addition to new documentation and printed manuals, we'll be offering
> Interchange training soon.

Hint for the German guys. From the price tables for other RedHat 
training courses, if you have a student ID, you get 50 % off. If
someone really must pay out of pocket, the savings are worth a
trip to Germany. :-)