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Mon, 16 Apr 2001 18:11:13 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Chris Rapier wrote:

CR>>> Feel free to point me towards a store package that does zone-based
CR>>> shipping and doesn't require a development team to set it up, and I'll
CR>>> be eternally grateful to you and I'll be out of here.
CR>>Zone based? Like nationwide you have your own system of zones that
CR>>determine shipping rates? Or is it local? Or are you just trying to
CR>>incorporate UPS shipping zones? Either way you can roll your own set up
CR>>by state, zip code, ups zone or whatever but any of the people here
CR>>would need some specifics behind what you are trying to do before we can
CR>>provide suggestions. The only general suggestion I have is to look at
CR>>the mechanics that go into products/shipping.[asc|txt] and go from

I am on the east coast. Every piece of software that I have looked at
(except IC and it's predecessors) have this idea that I should charge
someone in my own town the same shipping cost for 20 pounds as I charge
someone in California. I think that's unethical.

I ship nationwide. (I would ship worldwide if the USPS was not so
unfriendly towards businesses!)

UPS's shipping charts are just fine with me since I do 99% of my
shipping by UPS. IC gives me this feature as a standard part of it's

I am not (at the present time) having a problem with the shipping
aspect of IC. I am only saying that any e-commerce package that I
consider has to have zone-based shipping. And, I am appalled at the
packages out there and the charges that they are pricing for them that
can't do this.

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