[ic] With RedHat 7.0 i cannot still work with IC and MySQL.

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli@omnibit.nu
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 12:00:16 +0200

> 111 is connection refused, it means that the mysql server is not running,
> is not listening on the right port.
> Try testing manually with a hostname, by not specifying the hostname you
> connecting through the unix socket, rather than through the network, if
> then specify a network connection to Interchange, it won't necessarily
> Run mysqladmin restart and check the error logs, they should indicate why
> mysql was unable to bind the tcp port.
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As root on localhost.localdomain:
# mysql ==> OK
# mysql -h ==> OK
# mysql -h localhost.localdomain ==> OK
# mysql -h ==> to eth IP addr: Connection refused (OK root can
connect only from localhost.localdomain)

Now i create user monty with passwd my_password with full rights on all
# mysql -h -u monty -p ==> network connection OK from
localhost.localdomain. Same results from LAN host

Well now i ./makecat and configure IC on catalog construct for access
test_construct DB with user monty e pw my_password:
mysqladmin create DB but IC cannot create tables and give me the same (111)
error !

From: /var/log/mysql.log ==> no messages
From: /var/lib/mysql/localhost.localdomain.err ==> rights problem to create
and delete /var/run/mysqld.pid resolved changing write rights on dir
/var/run (??). In every case mysqld is always running and disponible.

I try to change MySQL installation  with an older version but with the same
Now i don't know what is possible to try.... the problem seems is not rights
o network connection to mysqld ... rather than the way that IC make calls to

Marco Mescoli
Omnibit piccola scrl,