[ic] loosing a [value ]

Rene Hertell rene@hertell.com
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:43:59 +0300

Hi list,

I have been banging my head against the wall for the last 12 hours... I'm
loosing somehow my [value group] somewhere...

Here is a bit of my code (I hope this is enough... I'll post some more if it
is needed)

[set [L]Send your bid-request![/L]]
	[seti rfields]
		code: [scratch reqnr]
		cat_id: [value cat_selection]
		category: [value toimiala]
		brand_id: [value group]
		brand: [data table=cars field=brand key="[value group]"]
		description: [value brand]
		comments: [value comments]
		quantity: [value quantity]
		location: [value region]
		email: [value email]
		user_locale: [scratch mv_locale]
		req_date: [convert-date][/convert-date]
		req_ip: [data session host]
		req_browser: [data session browser]

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_todo" VALUE="refresh">
	<OPTION VALUE="asdf">- [loc]Select your product group[/loc]
	[loop search="
		 se='[value cat_selection]'
		 " option="group"]
	<OPTION VALUE="[loop-code]"> [loc][loop-data cars brand][/loc][/loop]

<INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=mv_click VALUE="[L]Send your

If I submit the default <select> value (asdf), it gets into the [value
group] and is placed into the [seti] tag, but if I select something from the
option-list (numeric values) it disappears somewhere. It is anyway
displayable outside the [seti rfields] section...

I'm tired now, so sorry it this message is dizzy...

Regards, René