[ic] Taking a Poll

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
17 Apr 2001 13:01:40 -0400

David Adams <david@akopia.com> writes:

> We have also thought about making the process of hiring a consultant
> to do more complicated work more accessible, by putting together
> some kind of flat-rate pricing table for various tasks, like they
> have for auto repair.  These prices could be for work performed by
> Red Hat or by certified developers (meaning we would put some kind
> of referral program together).

I'm not sure what you're talking about here.  I know Midas and
Jiffy-Lube don't charge the same rates for the same work.  Granted,
every Midas charges the same rate.  And local, non-national, shops
certainly have their own rates.  The point is that not every mechanic
is created equal and they don't charge like it either.

I would be opposed to RedHat trying to set flat-rate fees for tasks.
They have a large amount of influence in this particular niche.  If RH
wants to setup and say, "Here's our flat rates for us doing it,"
that's one thing.  But to say, "We're setting up an open market for
getting contract work done and here's the per job cost," is another.

I think RedHat setting prices for tasks would be more like GM or Ford
coming out and saying that an oil change should cost $10 retail or
even a clutch $500.

There's a fine line here somewhere.  Honestly, I'm not sure where it
is.  But equally honestly, I'm a little nervous about RH stepping over
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