[ic] inserting values into table

Andreas, Scott Scott.Andreas@learningco.com
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:25:44 -0700

I've searched the docs and gone through the the archives but couldn't find
any information for my problem.

Here is what I'm trying to do...

Behind UI and under customers I want to have a textarea so I can add notes
about this customer in a customer_notes db.

In the customer_notes db are columns
code             ->     data to automatically increment
accountno     ->     data to be derived from  the customer::username field
and set
entered_by    ->     data to be derived from  [data_session_username] and be
automatically set
time_stamp   ->     data to be derived from the date filter and be
automatically set
note              ->     data to be derived from the textarea from the
customer_view.html page

this is what I have...
[set set_db]
	[set mv_data_eneble]1[[/set]
	[tag flag write]contact_notes[/tag]

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="mv_data_table" value="contact_notes">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="mv_data_key" value="code">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="mv_data_function" value="insert">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="mv_nextpage" value="admin/customer">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="mv_data_fields" value="code, accountno, entered_by,
time_stamp, note">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="code" value="[increment]">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="accountno" value="[loop-data customer accountno]">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="entered_by" value="[data_session_username]">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="time_stamp" value="[loop-data customer_notes

<tr><td align=right valign=top>
<font size=2><b>Add note:</b></font>&nbsp;
</td><td align=botton><TEXTAREA col=30 name=notes rows=5></TEXTAREA>
<INPUT TYPE=submit value="OK"></td></tr>
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=mv_todo value="set_db">

yet when I click OK I get an error  "unable to process"

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