[ic] Taking a Poll

Ron Dorman rwd@csi1st.net
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 13:36:44 -0400

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> David Adams <david@akopia.com> writes:
> > We have also thought about making the process of hiring a consultant
> > to do more complicated work more accessible, by putting together
> > some kind of flat-rate pricing table for various tasks, like they
> > have for auto repair.  These prices could be for work performed by
> > Red Hat or by certified developers (meaning we would put some kind
> > of referral program together).
> I'm not sure what you're talking about here.  I know Midas and
> Jiffy-Lube don't charge the same rates for the same work.  Granted,
> every Midas charges the same rate.  And local, non-national, shops
> certainly have their own rates.  The point is that not every mechanic
> is created equal and they don't charge like it either.
> I would be opposed to RedHat trying to set flat-rate fees for tasks.
> They have a large amount of influence in this particular niche.  If RH
> wants to setup and say, "Here's our flat rates for us doing it,"
> that's one thing.  But to say, "We're setting up an open market for
> getting contract work done and here's the per job cost," is another.
> I think RedHat setting prices for tasks would be more like GM or Ford
> coming out and saying that an oil change should cost $10 retail or
> even a clutch $500.
> There's a fine line here somewhere.  Honestly, I'm not sure where it
> is.  But equally honestly, I'm a little nervous about RH stepping over
> it.

The way I read it, is that RedHat would publish their set prices and would
have RedHat personel and/or non-RedHat personel, RedHat Certified
Consultants that join the program do the work.