[ic] How do I avoid to Emtpy Basket ?

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Kent-Rune_Karlsen_S=E6trum?= karlsen@wellington.no
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:24:46 +0200

Hi folks,

First I want to thank the MiniVend / Interchange Team for a great open
source system!
Keep up the good work.

As one of several coders I got a little problem, and I cant find it in the
My problem is following:

1. We have installed MiniVend 4.04 and it works perfect and is online

2. We got integrated payment system

3. Since we got integrated payment system I want to NOT empty the basket
when user is
going to pay, because sometimes user go back from payment system and then
click "Go Pay"
once more (on our site), and then basket is empty so total amount is wrong,
and that is
a critical error for us, since customer might cancel the order.

Successfull Payment works like this:

--> Customer collect to basket --> "Go pay" button pressed (basket
cleared) -->
Customer connected to Bibit payment system, and amount to pay is transferred
to Bibit -->
after Bibit processed the Calling Card, the correct receipt is shown back on
our site.

None successfull payment that often happens is like this:

--> Customer collect to basket --> Customer press "Go pay" (basket
cleared) -->
User get connection problems and go back and click again "Go pay" button -->
no the basket is empty, so wrong amount is shown --> Bibit get "0" amount to
be payed -->
We get bankrupt :)

4. How can I avoid to EMPTY BASKET ?

Thanks in advance for all help.

Kent-Rune Karlsen Sætrum
www.divineo.net - Electronics Without Frontiers