[ic] how "user friendly" is authorize.net for non-tech merchants?

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Tue, 17 Apr 2001 21:29:06 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 cfm@maine.com wrote:

>>But for a low-volume store run by a non-technical merchant on a
>>part time dialup would authorize.net make sense?  (Or maybe I 
>>should revisit cybercash if they are still standing, hmmm, another 
>>verisigh company....)

I just bought ICVerify for WIndows from CyberCash a few days before the
sale was announced.

As I recall from the announcement, the software side of CyberCash went
to First Data, and the processing aspect went to Verisign.

First Data is doing my back end processing for First Charter Bank. I've
only been with them since October, but I am very pleased with First
Data. They were also VERY helpful in getting ICVerify up and

I went with the Windoze version because my POS interfaces with ICVerify
and it is available only for Windoze.

ICVerify does not work over the internet. It needs a modem and it does
it all over the modem at 1200 baud.

So, going this route could make a lot of sense for a small merchant.
The price tag of $500 is a little daunting, though.

>>These non-tech users are going to have their hands full booting 
>>their machines and keeping them virus free; it seems like a 
>>disservice to put them on a batch system where we will have
>>no reliable way to read and write the batch files.  They don't need
>>real time processing; it's the everything in one place, simple, secure
>>administration with lots of help files and tech support that they want.

The way that the Canuck that wrote Retail Plus does it is to put a file
in a directory belonging to ICVerify. It ends with ".req". Icverify
sees it, and processes it and returns the result in another file. If I
am not mistaken, that request file can handle multiple transactions.

It will do an auto-settle everyday. I have mine set for 6 PM. It keeps
9 years of transactions on file, it says.

They can also use the main screen to enter credit card sales, do voids,
do returns, etc. And, it logs it all.

I have no idea, however, what will happen when I try to get a Linux
module for it, and I try to have IC do the verifications when the
orders are placed.

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