[ic] Demo store - instead of quantity box, a checkbox instead

Dominic Tey Kek Keong interchange@dominic.per.sg
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 22:57:29 +0800


for the demo construct demo of interchange 4.6.4, i had tried to 
change the quantity box (i.e.
 input type=text name=mv_order_quantity size=2 value="" )


 input type=checkbox name=mv_order_item value="[item-code]"

in hopes of easing the selection of multiple items being bought 
(since the store only has a stock of 1).

If I select more than 1 items, the top most items get put into the 
shopping cart.

If I remove the INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_order_item"  
VALUE="[item-code]" tags, nothing get added to the cart instead.

I know it will work as I have tried the code as per 

But when I add the mentioned code into the default results.html, it 
does work only if I put the code OUTSIDE the [search-list][/search-
list] for the default results.html

Could anyone send some pointers on what's wrong?

Thanks in advance.
Dominic Tey