[ic] assistance needed

McKay, Wilma mckayw@sysdestlh.com
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:57:59 -0400

We are currently implementing with LinkPoint, however, we do have the
inhouse expertise to implement with other payment gateways always.
Please give us a call.

Wilma McKay
Systems Design of Tallahassee
(850)  942-2726

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		I have found interchange not because of any technical
need or know how
		simply for the features it has out of the box.  I find
the demo setup very
		close to exactly what I was looking for, without a $5k
price tag.

		However, after studying documentation on Authorize.net
implementation I
		still have no clue where to start.  My "programming
skills" consist of some
		miva module add ons and crude basic programs in college
and I find the
		interchange -perl lingo confusing to say the least.  I
have even went as far
		as to look for hosting with akopia included as to get
around installation.

		Anyhow, there are two features I need instruction for or
an offer of paid
		assistance.Most importantly I need authorize.net added
then possibly a
		script of some sort to send email to vendor for
fulfillment, multiple
		vendors for specific product lines.  Im sure many are
using authorize.net,
		possibly someone can take the time to slow down some
instruction or refer me
		to more reference than on the list currently?

		Ideas and offers are appreciated-  If this is not the
place to solicit paid
		assistance, I apologize, please direct me.


		you can email direct audiowizard@mediaone.net if needed.

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