[ic] Unable to submit order

Trond Arve Nordheim trond.arve@nordheim.no
18 Apr 2001 23:37:15 +0200

Nope, no more information. It still says "You left something important
out:", but doesn't display any field names or things like that. And, the
[error ...]-tag is not on a page with form fields, just on a standalone
page displaying an error message if the order submission fails.
(special_pages/needfield.html). The code is:
[include top]
[include left]
<p>You left something important out:</p>

<p><b>[error all=1 show_var=1 show_error=1 joiner='<br>' keep=1]</b></p>

<p>Please go back to the [page checkout]checkout page[/page]
and fill the form out properly.</p>

[include bottom]

Trond Arve Nordheim