[ic] Create new table - step by step ?

joachim.richter joachim.richter@usvideocenter.de
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:44:28 +0200


i am trying to create a dbm file called "cube.dbm". the input file is called "cube.txt". it is delimited by tabs.

1. i added in the directory "default_db" a file called "cube.dbm". there is only one line in it:
		Database	cube	cube.txt		TAB
    The file is executable like the others in the directory

2. i added in the catalog.cfg a line
		Database	cube	cube.txt		TAB

the cube.txt was done with excel and has data in it. It has also a header with column names.
The first column is called name. We did not place it in the "Productfiles" line in the catalog.cfg,
because there is no product relevant data in it.

What did we miss ?? 
Are there any other steps to do beforehand ??

We stoppped / started and restarted interchange about a thousand times.
But it neither imports the cube.txt nor produces a cube.dbm ????

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