[ic] Demo store - instead of quantity box, a checkbox instead

Dominic Tey Kek Keong interchange@dominic.per.sg
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 00:38:11 +0800

On 18 Apr 2001, at 17:26, Jonathan Clark wrote:

> > for the demo construct demo of interchange 4.6.4, i had tried to 
> > change the quantity box (i.e.
> >  input type=text name=mv_order_quantity size=2 value="" )
> > 
> > to
> > 
> >  input type=checkbox name=mv_order_item value="[item-code]"
> > 
> wouldn't you change it to:
> input type=checkbox name=mv_order_quantity value="1"
> as there will already be an mv_order_item for each line?

er, nope, it still orders the top most items downwards instead of 
ordering as selected.

I think the code in the [set munge_quantity] is the culprit.

I have change the code such that the mv_oi to something else but 
it still doesn't work.

If I change the mv_click to refresh or process-order. 


I think I need to understand the ordering process better. Anyone 
care to explain it?

Keep well,
Dominic Tey