[ic] Credit Cards?

Jacob =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=F6nnichsen?= Jacob.Sonnichsen@get2net.dk
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 22:41:36 +0200

I wan't to use an external company to check credit cards. I'm using a
modified version of the checkout form from the construction demo.
In the support pages of the credit card "company", they say I have to
submit a form with the following information :

1. The form should have
2. A hidden input with an URL for acceptance and failure :
name="AcceptURL" name="DeclineURL"
3. Some other things, but I think, that I know how to send those.

How should I set up the page? Can I just change the usual [process
secure=1] with the above address? (I don't believe so, but I might be
How do I specify the Decline address, so that I get an error stating,
what went wrong. It should obviously return to the checkout page again,
but how do I get the error code for the credit card?
How do I set the AcceptURL to point to the "receipt" page. The receipt
page should include all the information entered in the checkout-page
except from the credit card of course.

Right now I have everything working, except for this credit card thing.

If anyone has set up a page which uses a similar setup, I would be
gratefull to see how the code is put together. I would appreciate some
links where to find information regarding credit card paryment as well.

Jacob Sönnichsen