[ic] Where is interchange.cfg

Audio Wizard audiowizard@mediaone.net
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:12:25 -0700

Im trying to make some changes to the interchange.cfg however cant find the
file, where is this supposed to be located?

Im also trying to restart the ic server in telnet but cant get the functions
to work.

Ive used the following as mentioned in the docs-

"RPM install as root:

/usr/sbin/interchange -r

Manual install as Interchange user:

/usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r

Manual install as root:

su interch -c '/usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r'

Manual install as regular user:

~/interchange/bin/interchange -r "

But I assume Im supposed to replace some of those variables within the
strings mentioned with my info???

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