[ic] Where is interchange.cfg

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
19 Apr 2001 21:45:09 -0400

"Audio Wizard" <audiowizard@mediaone.net> writes:

> Im trying to make some changes to the interchange.cfg however cant
> find the file, where is this supposed to be located?

I'm curious as to why you feel you need to modify the interchange.cfg
file.  The only thing I've ever needed to add there is the
"AllowGlobal" option.  Most everything else can go in the

> Im also trying to restart the ic server in telnet but cant get the
> functions to work.

Since this is you ISP's box, you may not be able to restart the IC
server.  However, from the Admin UI there is an option to "Apply
Changes".  This will take care of most of the reasons why you would
want to restart IC.  This is the same thing as doing "interchange
--reconfig=yourcatalog" from the telnet prompt.  Note that the bin
directory of the base interchagne directory needs to be in your path.
Althernatively, you could just 'cd /usr/local/interchange/bin;
interchange --reconfig=yourcatalog' (assuming interchange is installed
in /usr/local/interchange; it could be in many different locations but
this is the default for a manual installation of interchange).

Hope this helps.  Email me if you need more specific help.  You might
also try the IRC channels for immediate help like "I can't find where
interchange is installed".
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