[ic] Request for comments and documentation - multiple server architecture

Greg Cope greg@rubberplant.freeserve.co.uk
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:41:59 +0000

Dan wrote:
> You took the words out of my mouth.  A "Interchange+Clustering HOWTO" would
> be great.  Because in a few weeks (months maybe) I will have completed the
> cluster I'm working on.  Here's the short:
> 24 1U www/ssl/ic (UNI P3-800/1GB RAM/IDE hdd)
> 2  2U load balancer/firewall/vpn (UNI zeon/256 RAM/ RAID-1 on SCSI for a
> little HA), the second is for failover.
> 1 master database server: 4U 8-way zeons with 4-16GB RAM,  (read / write
> database)
> 0-6 slave database servers: 4U 4-way zeons with 2gb ram (read only
> databases)
> All this on open source software only.  (Nothing but the best :-)
> Load balancing done by http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org
> Database clustering done by http://www.erserver.com (which wont be open
> source for another few weeks).
> I haven't yet dealt with the issues that would be required, such as: "How do
> I set up IC for the least amount of write-lock contention", etc. and "What's
> better, NFS, Coda, or something else?"  Etc.  Or, "How to I get IC to use
> the database for every thing it read/writes, so I don't need any text files
> at all"

Dear Dan / All

How have you got on ?

Did you find / does anyone know of any resources for clustering /
scaling Interchange ?