Sean Machado Greatbeast@mediaone.net
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:13:55 -0400

The nature of this virus (technically a worm) is that it
replies to ALL unread messages in your message folder(s)
and replies to those addresses, sending a copy of itself out
to those addresses.

I find it far more likely that the virus was automatically sent, than
the victim/villian send out the virus intentionally.

If any of you should feel the need to look down on the victim
in any way...don't bother.  Having a virus scanner does not necessarily
prove that you will not be hit by virii.  Knowing not to run unfamiliar
programs helps a bit..but the virus writers (the skilled ones and not
the 12 year olds with the virus creation kits) spend their days
thinking about computer operating systems, security, and make up
ways to break into these systems and destroy or alter whatever they

The average user (or even the non-average user) isn't completely secure.

Any one of us could have been the victim sending out this virus to
everyone in our mailboxes.

Lets get back to what this list is about... Interchange!