IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 10:25:22 -0400 (EDT)

John King wrote:

>  Give the poor lady a break!
> A very good friend, the owner of a large export company accidentally
> sent a similar virus to hundreds of colleges. He obtained it via e-mail
> from someone else who probably got it from someone else. he wasn't aware
> that his version of Norton Anti Virus was outdated and that was the
> reason for the problem. I never got the virus because I don't use
> Outlook and never will. I'm amazed that the illiterates in this group
> jumped on the poor woman without first e-mailing her about the problem.
> Thank god those of you who can spell protected her. Obviously the
> ability to spell and the ability to think come hand in hand.
> What a load of crap some of you go on with.
> Mike, I've tried to remove myself from this group several times with no
> success. Can you please do it for me and maybe place an unsubscribe link
> on the bottom of all posts?
> Thanks,
> John

OK, I was the one, who wanted the lady prosecuted in the first place, so
I qualify for the illiterate villan, who can't spell, attributes to
malice were I could have attributed it to stupidity and beat up my fingers
for having hit the send button prematurely.

Let me tell you, why I fell for this messages. 

First, I really get almost no spam into this specific mailbox, where I
receive my IC list's postings and related private answers. So, the rare
cases where I really receive a private message in this box (I would
say this was the fourth private message in a time period of several
months to a year), my first guess is, it is a valid answer.

Second, I know names of on and off participating list members since four
years. Once in a while there are people clearly unhappy and leaving from
openly participating. The last name of the sender reminded me of someone
who belonged into that category.

Third, the message had part of my posting to the list in its body
section, which I haven't seen very often in spam messages. But, again,
I don't receive much, so I am clearly not knowledgable about it.
But it looked at the first glance convincing.

Fourth, and that was clearly coincidence, (as I later could find out that
the attachment's file names were chosen from a list of around twenty
different names), the filename of the attachend file, in my case made
sense, as it seemed to refer to the issue we were discussing in the thread
of my posts to the list. Had I looked just a bit more carefully, the
extension .src should have warned me.

Fifth, as I don't use a Win machine, I care less on this machine to open
messages than I do on my Win machines, where I use outlook.

Sixth, I was in a bad mood anyway, because of the not-so-nice threads
going on on this list for days, so I sent out my prosecution request. :-)

Hey, now guess what, I stick with my opinion. Not that I am not an
illiterate, but I wouldn't have thought in a list of this caliber that
people would think I really meant to prosecute lady "Thompson", but
basically the lady's man "Mr. and Ms Reckless Idiot". Did I have to
mention to the list that a name in a header means nothing ?

Finally, Mr. Literate, some people here know posters from a long time.
We have some foreign, deaf people on the list, who have to write and
learn English under different conditions than you and I. It happens 
that those just don't spell that well, because they have never the
pleasure to hear your "well formed" English prose in real time. So,
pls. forgive.

P.S. If you belong to the literate sort, why don't you find the right
page to unsubscribe yourself from the list instead of bothering Mike
to help you with that.

Have a nice weekend, I think we all need that.