[ic] Authorizenet Assistance.

Dan Garwood res087jh@verizon.net
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 16:15:16 -0400

System: Redhat 6.2
Interchange: 4.6.5
Perl: 5.6
CPAN: Bundle::Interchange <- current up to date
             Net::SSLeay <- Added after Bad Authorize Module and reading
Apache: 1.3.14
mod_ssl: 2.7.1 fir 1.3.14
OpenSSl: 0.9.6

I have copied the authorizenet from the latest CVS to a directoy in
interchange called global. I add the following line to interchange.cfg near
the bottom
#include globalsub/authorizenet

permissions on global are -> drwxrwxr-x    2 root     root         4096 Apr
21 14:03 globalsub
permissions on authorizenet -> -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         7237
Apr 20 18:12 authorizenet

There are no errors in the interchange error.log or the catalog error.log,
nor are there any errors in the apache error logs for this site.

I have the following lines in catalog.cfg:

Variable  MV_PAYMENT_ID         <MYID>
Variable  MV_PAYMENT_MODE       custom authorizenet
Variable  MV_PAYMENT_REFERER    http://referalurl/storename/process.html <-
also in authorizenet

# Uncomment to use creditCardAuto if you want, now handled better in
# order profiles with "&credit_card=standard".
#CreditCardAuto      No

# These are usually all you need for CyberCash 3
# Uncomment and edit to suit; make sure you remove CreditCardAuto somehow
#Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE
#Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2
#Variable         CYBER_MODE          mauthonly

Variable         MV_PAYMENT_MODE     mauthonly
CreditCardAuto   No

I restarted Interchange and tried to place an order in test and in live mode
with a real order. continue to get your order had errors. The errors are in
Red below, but there are no errors.

The account on the referring URL page has the following checked
+Valid Browser Referrer URL
+Valid ADC or Receipt Link URL
+Receipt Link Default URL
Only link and it is selected.
Are there any other account settings that I am missing?
What have I done wrong in this setup? We are unable to get this working with
authroizenet. Is there something I am missing here? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank You In advnace.

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