[ic] SUrEPay IntegraTIon

ben schlaver ben@closetgenius.com
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 14:47:45 -0700

OK does http://www.surepay.com/homepage/index.cfm?fuseaction=mc_sdk_download

'cause lord know's i'm Still getting Bad GlobalSub surepay in my logs. I
think either i have some left over signio globalsub in there or am simply
not sending the right variables from checkout.html.  Also i think
https://test.xml.surepay.com ID: 1001 and P: password should work as a test.

>Quoting ben schlaver (ben@closetgenius.com):
>> any care to critique and correct?
>Just to let you know I am not ignoring this message, if I can get some test
>account info from Surepay I will look at adding it as a Vend::Payment
>in 4.7.x....