[ic] Authorizenet Assistance.

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 00:29:23 -0700

> Thank you Ron for giving me the code to show the errors. I thought that
> error line would only work with Cybercash.


Great to hear that your cc's are processing correctly now.  And thanks for
submitting the fixes back to the list for consumption.  There are many
'cybercash' variables left over from when IC (err MV) only supported
cybercash.  I actually modified my verisign module so that it would stuff
it's errors into the error tag for the CC section and act just as if you did
not enter your name on to the checkout form.  This can be done like so
(verisign module, should be similiar to authorize.net):

if ($decline)
                $decline = $decline >> 8;
                $result{'pop.status'} = $result{'MStatus'} = 'failed';
                $Vend::Session->{cybercash_error} =
$Vend::Session->{payment_error} = $result{RESPMSG};
                my $msg = errmsg("Verisign error: " . $result{RESULT} . " "
. $result{RESPMSG} . ". Please call in your order or try again.");
                $Vend::Session->{errors}{mv_credit_card_valid} = $msg;

Then on the checkout page if you define your CC table with a header like so
it will turn the header to red and show the error anytime that Verisign

[error std_label="Credit Card Information" name=mv_credit_card_valid]

Take it easy,