[ic] typo/error in flex editor, v4.7

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 05:54:37 -0400

Quoting sarah gargett (sarah@aescalon.com):
> I was having some problems trying to get the flex editor to read the
> ui_class variable, when passed as a cgi variable, and found the following
> typo in flex_editor.html:
> Line 57 currently reads:
> 	[if !scratch ui_class][seti ui_class][either cgi
> ui_class][or]Admin[/either][/seti][/if]
> but should read:
> 	[if !scratch ui_class][seti ui_class][either][cgi
> ui_class][or]Admin[/either][/seti][/if]
> i.e. the closing bracket for the [either] tag and the opening bracket for
> the [cgi] tag were missing.
> I couldn't see any other reports re this typo on the mailing list, so I hope
> this helps.

Yes, indeed it does! Thank you very much for finding it. Applied to CVS.

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