[ic] expireall not finding config file

Dave Barr barrd@mac.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:02:21 +0100

(IC 4.6.5, Debian 2.2.17, Perl 5.005-03)

Hi all,

I realised the other day that my cron job set to expire catalog 
sessions was no longer working (the sessions dir was getting _BIG_):

[snip crontab -l]
45 4 * * * /usr/local/interchange/bin/expireall -r

If run from the command line the script returns:
Couldn't read interchange.cfg: No such file or directory

I had a quick scan of the script itself and noticed that you could 
use the -f flag to point directly at a config file, I used the 
following on the command line and it worked...

/usr/local/interchange/bin/expireall -f /usr/local/interchange/interchange.cfg

[snip expireall line 103]
open(GLOBAL, "< $Global::ConfigFile") or die "Couldn't read 
$Global::ConfigFile: $!\n";

The above makes the call to open the config file, but, and correct me 
if I'm wrong... ;)   Should it not be something like:

open(FOO, "< $Global::VendRoot/$Global::ConfigFile") or die "blah $!\n";
Which would be the 'path to' and the 'name of' the config file?
I dunno... I'm probably wrong as usual... :)

Rgds "D"