[ic] Searching: grouping AND / OR searches on multiple fields with one se

Stefan Hornburg Racke racke@linuxia.de
23 Apr 2001 14:59:05 +0200

Mike Heins <mikeh@minivend.com> writes:


> First of all, you should put your qualifying condition first (the AND)
> for performance. This applies to SQL databases as well as IC.
> 	mv_search_group=1  for the AND condition
> 	mv_search_group=2  for the OR conditions
> To remove ambiguities, you can use 
> 	mv_search_relate=1 AND 2
> I think there is an example in the "barry" subcat.html page.

Yeah, but nil documentation on this. I figured the mv_search_group stuff
by reading the source code of Search.pm :-(


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