[ic] More viruses...

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
23 Apr 2001 13:38:11 -0400

"Rene Hertell" <rene@hertell.com> writes:

> > Bear in mind that the source of the virus was not the list. It was only
> > sent to From: addresses of people who did post to the list.
> Would it be possible to modify the senders address in format like "someone
> at somewhere dot com"? This would prevent probably most worms from spreading
> themselves...

At what cost?  This is terribly annoying to the real humans that are
trying to use the address.  Sometimes it is more appropriate to reply
directly to the person rather than the list.  When you munge the
addresses it makes it hard for humans to reply to the addresses.  And
really this won't work for very long.  I could write a few lines of
perl to convert the above into real addresses.

Take a look at http://www.mit.edu/~dmaze/nospam.html and

> > I'll agree to that as soon as everyone agrees to quote messages properly
> > instead of putting their comments at the top and lumping everything else
> > at the bottom..... 8-)

Amen brother.
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