[ic] CyberCash 3.3.1 and Interchange 4.6.5

Dan Garwood dgarwood@eprofitdesigns.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:12:53 -0400

This is a notice for the archives to save someone time on trying to
integrate CyberCash 3.3.1. This is per their technical support, but the new
version will hang at the MCKencrypt program when used with interchange on a
redhat 6.2 system. The best solution till Mike gets Interchange 4.7 finished
is to use the CyberCash 3.2 version of their program. If anyone needs this
software, please contact me or CyberCash for this version. I may be wrong
and Mike may have a fix for Version 3.3, but everything I tried would not

Dan G.
E-Profit Designs