Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:31:08 -0400

Quoting Sean Machado (greatbeast@mediaone.net):
> Let's not be snobby about a mail client...
> Once the virus writers turn their heads the other way and begin to notice
> mail clients on Linux, Unix, and the like they WILL be exploiting those
> machines too.
> There already ARE a few variants that affect Linux. Taking an attitude of
> "those MS-Product users don't know enough to choose a good, secure client"
> does nothing for anyone.  Eventually anyone could be a victim.

I beg to differ. As long as you don't run your mail client as root, and you
use any sort of reasonable mail client at all, this shouldn't happen with
Linux. No permission -- you can't get an arbitrary filter script past
sendmail and the other major mailers any more. And there is nothing that
would cause auto-run of an attachment.

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