[ic] Authorizenet Assistance.

Mike Heins mheins@redhat.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:06:55 -0400

Quoting Jud Harris (jud@copernica.com):
> I'm running 4.7.x, but the catalog was generated from the 4.6.4 construct
> demo.  
> Does the Vend::Payment::Authorizenet module render globalsub/authorizenet
> obsolete?  

Yes. And it is completely compatible, i.e. if you set up the module
right, it should work with a construct demo.

> I'm confused.  (should I just replace $actual{mv_order_number} with
> $orderID ?)

No, if you are on 4.7.x update to the latest via CVS and use

> Is this going to be in the 4.8 docs?  Are there going to be new docs any
> time soon?

Now you have reached things beyond my control. There is documentation
in the module, though, by doing:

    perldoc lib/Vend/Payment/AuthorizeNet.pm

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