[ic] Payflo pro

Scott Moat smoat@chartermi.net
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 17:29:35 -0500

Hi there I know this has been talked about so many times.  But I can't get
it too work.  I have looked at many suggestions in all the emails.

Here is what I have I followed the signio file instructions.  It didn't
work.  I changed the #include globalsub/signio to #include
/var/lib/interchange/eg/globalsub/signio (where i put the signio file at) I
put this in the interchange.cfg

In the Signio file I put     my $exe =
"$Global::/root/verisign/payflowpro/bin/pfpro"; (this is where the pfpro
file is located)

For some reason it looks like interchange doesn't isn't even accessing
pfpro.  I dont get anything in the test transactions.  (I do see the test
transactions that I tried from payflo's test script)  I also called verisign
and they said I should change to Variable MV_PAYMENT_SERVER
and I should change
Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID userid&VENDOR=userid&PARTNER=VeriSign

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks alot,