[ic] CCVS no longer supported by NOVA.

Carlc Internet Services mvu@carlc.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 22:28:39 -0400

Well fellow Interchange webmasters, I've got a new one... Looks like NOVA
(The Credit Card clearinghouse) doesn't care if CCVS works or not...

Here's what happened today. We noticed that Minivend CCVS transactions
were getting blown out for the last few days. All of them were AVS failed.
So we called up NOVA and their answer was... "We don't support CCVS... You
need to use ICVerify". Seems that NOVA only cares if your using their
products and not your own (Or RedHats in this case).

But if I use that, I can't use Minivend/Interchange. I may as well scrap
UNIX... How nice, NOVA is now telling us that CCVS is not going to be
supported... AT ALL. And I'm using the latest, greatest version of CCVS.

Dear Redhat - I do hope you can get CCVS recertified for NOVA cause they
don't care anymore if you have a certification letter or not... I don't
think your going to sell to many Interchange/CCVS combos if things like
this happen...

Time to figure out another vendor that will allow/work_with CCVS.... I've
got dozens of accounts to start switching...