[ic] minivend shipping?

Amelie Walker amelie@castlebuilder.com
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 00:40:30 -0400

Hello, all!  I am new to the list and to Interchange.  Unfortunately
I am stuck using Minivend version 4, as it is what is provided
through my client's host.  Is anyone else using Minivend or familiar
with problems with it?

At any rate...  I am having a terrible time setting up shipping.  I
have searched every resource I can find on the subject and am posting
here as a last resort.

I want to base shipping on price.  No matter what I do, it still
charges $0 for all.

Here is my shipping.asc file:

code	description	criteria	min	max	formula	query	opt
0	Surface	price	0	99999999	f @@TOTAL@@ * .1		
default	Surface	price	0	99999999	f @@TOTAL@@ * .1		
surf	Surface	price	201	99999	f @@TOTAL@@ * .1	
surf	Surface	price	0	40	7.00	
surf	Surface	price	101	150	11.00	
surf	Surface	price	41	100	9.00	
surf	Surface	price	151	200	13.00

rush	Priority	price	0	99999	f 15 + (@@TOTAL@@ * .1)

intl	Int'l	price	0	99999	f 25 + (@@TOTAL@@ * .1)

Thank you to anyone that can help!  Also let me know if you need more
info, or if maybe there is something in some other file I should be

Thanks for you time,