[ic] CyberCash 3.3.1 and Interchange 4.6.5

Dan Garwood res087jh@verizon.net
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 04:23:16 -0400

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> Quoting Dan Garwood (dgarwood@eprofitdesigns.com):
> > This is a notice for the archives to save someone time on trying to
> > integrate CyberCash 3.3.1. This is per their technical support, but the
> > version will hang at the MCKencrypt program when used with interchange
on a
> > redhat 6.2 system. The best solution till Mike gets Interchange 4.7
> > is to use the CyberCash 3.2 version of their program. If anyone needs
> > software, please contact me or CyberCash for this version. I may be
> > and Mike may have a fix for Version 3.3, but everything I tried would
> > work.
> >
> I don't have this version, and the last one I downloaded (just a few weeks
> ago) was and worked.
> I suspect they are using open2(), and if that is the case it is well
> and truly hosed. We are a daemon process, and since we close STDIN and
> STDOUT, that kills open2 unless they are clever about using fileno()
> to get the handles.


Yes cybercash technical support agreed that it would not work. I can give
you a copy of the latest if you would like it. I reverted back to the 3.2
and it went right in. I figured I would just wait for 4.7 to stabilze and
offer the 3.2 to anyone needing it for 4.6, instead of reinventing the wheel
for 3.3. Let me know if you need the file.

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