[ic] Starting a new project and need some ideas.

Thomas N. Stefanidis thomas@prometheas.gr
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:58:56 +0300

Hello list,
It's been 3-4 days i finished my first site and now i want to start
rebuilting some of my sites with Interchange.
I was thinking of using Interchage with a real estate site i have.
It's something like a Real Estate portal.The users,apart from searching
for houses,apartments,offices,e.tc.,they can read articles news...
I was wondering if someone has done something like that (or similar) and
if yes,i could nead some ideas.
I can make almost all the site,but i'm not sure if i can make a form in
which the users can add,modify or delete ads.

Any ideas?

Thank you.