[ic] order problem

Amelie Walker amelie@castlebuilder.com
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 21:19:36 -0400

(MiniVend 4 again)

I am waiting on my previous shipping problem (thank you for the
answer), as the server is reset at midnight and I don't have access.

Meanwhile, I have realized a much bigger problem in my quest to get
the cart running by tomorrow.

I send through a test order, and everything appears to be fine (to
the "customer" who gets the receipt page).  But no order actually
goes through.   No email receipt is sent.  No order email comes in. 
(I have been trying to deal with the hosting tech people, and they
finally vaguely said I must be doing something wrong.)  Send mail is
set in config.cfg, the email address is correct in the ORDERS_TO
variable.  Is this some common problem that I am missing something
obvious, or is it something deeper?