[ic] Credit Card numbers Stored Encrypted in SQL Database - Finally Answered!

cfm@maine.com cfm@maine.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:00:13 -0400

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 04:55:20PM -0400, Dave Jenkins wrote:
> > > functionality?  There is ZERO risk involved with storing CC#'s on disk if
> > > they're ENCRYPTED, Which is precisely what I'm trying to do.  It worked
> > just
> > > fine in MV....
> Is this the same ZERO risk that the ENIGMA machine gave the Nazis?  Is it the
> same zero risk that the polygraphs and financial checks gave to the CIA?  There
> is no such thing as zero risk.  The overall point that storing CC# is a bad
> idea is one of liability: you don't want to be responsible when it happens.
> One match will light a room full of gasoline.  It's better not to store the
> stuff...

life is fatal.  Zero risk.


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