[ic] Credit Card numbers Stored Encrypted in SQL Database - No Answer Yet

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 21:46:10 -0400 (EDT)

Malcolm Webb wrote:

> So is there no plan for IC to support the concept of "one-click" ordering?

May be that's because Amazon.com holds the patent claims for it. As
IC now belongs to RedHat, being a larger and more visible company than
Mike's company was, offering the one-click feature out of the box is 
riskier as it already was, when it became known that Amazon got the patent

Those "likely phantom dudes", who might have had implemented the
one-click feature early in 1996/7 and could have proven "prior art" to
fight Amazon.com's claims, apparently didn't come forward.

I assume it's not in RH's interest not to attract attention offering
one-click out of the box now ? No, I don't know it, this is just my gut
feeling's guess and most probably it's not a subject anybody likes to talk
about. Just let go and better not bother RH with it. 

You can implement it yourself on your own risk.