[ic] Credit Card numbers Stored Encrypted in SQL Database - N o Answer Yet

Robert Brandtjen rob@prometheusmedia.com
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 00:17:00 -0500

on 4/25/01 3:00 PM, Webb, Malcolm at malcolmw@upshot.com wrote:

> I understand that there are security issues with storing CC#s in the DB, but
> there is no evidence to indicate that consumers will pick a safer site over
> one that offers a more convenient buying experience.

Hmm, ask egghead about that one, I have LOTS of friends who got their cards
ripped by them storing them on their server, and, as if that wasn't enough,
whatever they were using as an ecommerce tool, all you had to do was open
the source up in navigator , edit the pricing and then reload it and hit the
send button - voila! a new computer for 20.00 instead of 2000.00

>From a practical standpoint, you could be held liable for the monetary
damages, you also become more of a hacker's target if they know you are
storing them. 

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