[ic] SEARCH BY drop down menus

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
26 Apr 2001 12:39:31 -0400

hnadeem@talk21.com writes:

> I am trying to add three drop down menu to my site, 
> 1 to search by category, 

How is this different than the construct demo?  That all the
categories are in a drop down instead of just listed?

> 2 to search by brand name
> 3 to search by prices (1 to 100, 101 to 199, etc)

Do you want the drop down to have just the above three options and
then show the more specific information after the user selects what
type of search they want to do?  Or are you trying to make these three
seperate drop downs?

If you take a look at
http://developer.akopia.com/cgi-bin/ic/dev/icdatabase_25.html it
should get you started on how to do coordinated searches with various
inputs on a form.

Also if you download the 'simple' demo catalog (sorry I don't have a
good url for it; search the akopia site or the archives for it) there
is an excellent example on complex search forms.
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