[ic] 404 error

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 20:58:17 +0100

> On to my little problem.  Stores create fine, no errors. Interchange
> 'restart' goes fine. It says its loading cat's and gives a PID #.  But
> when I link from the default entry page and select either admin or
> store, I get a 404 error.  Cant seem to link the
> /cgi-bin/test/index.html. I check the permissions and they appear to be
> identical (interch user, interch group) to the construct store. Any
> other suggestion before scrapping and starting from beginning?

If the webserver was actually serveing the interchange link program, either
you would get the required page or you would get the 'Sorry, the
Interchange...' message.

Looks like you may not have set up the cgi scriptalias directive correctly,
or maybe the link program 'test' in your case is not in the right location.