[ic] need help with [item-accessories]

Heinz Toedter Heinz.Toedter@cmos.de
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 23:26:00 +0200

Hello list!

I need a bit help regarding the [item-accessories ..] tag. I use it in
ord/basket and checkout in combination with a size field. The problems
is, that we have different prices for different sizes. I use the
[item-accessories ..] in the standard drop-down menu form, and i have a
"recalculate" button on that page. That works fine, but some people have
problems and do not click on recalculate, so the change is lost. 
What i need is an auto-reload off the page, when the selected field
changes. In javascript that would be an "on change" field, how can i do
this in interchange?

Thanks for help!