[ic] Server unavailable. Suggestion.

Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 23:34:13 -0400

Every week the list is blessed with a message about...

"We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable...
We are out of service or may be experiencing high system demand, please try
again soon."

My only request I would like to make is.. Add something to the page. 
Suggestions on what to do. A link to a page explaining basic 
troubleshooting tips. Though it looks bad to the customer, but if the 
person can get the server afloat, hopefully no customer will see this 

As I see it now people see the message, Skip looking for help in the 
archives, skip the docs, and go straight for the mailing list, or 

Maybe offer help on the page. Maybe even a message saying to read the 
error logs.

Just a suggestion.



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