[ic] looping vs. query

Jeff Carnahan jcarnahan@networq.com
Sat, 28 Apr 2001 12:54:02 -0700

}I have no idea what the arguments to [loop search] are. For example [loop
}search='fi=table_name/se=column_value/sf=column_name'] -- I think the
}associations I've put are correct, but I'm not sure.

There are two things here that you should research.

1) The behavior of looping tags. Looping tags require a list of arguments,
and with one argument at a time, parse the HTML/IC tags/whatever they
contain. Documentation on all the various options for looping tags can be


2) One feature of the loop tag is that it will accept search parameters, and
then use the results of the search (the ID codes of the products it finds
usually) as the arguments with which to loop over.

Documentation about how to specify search parameters in a looping tag can be


Searching arguments and syntax information can be found here:


(Look in the section titled: One Click Searching)

You should be able to glean the exact parameters for your search by taking a
moment to carefully read the above documentation.

Jeff Carnahan - jcarnahan@networq.com