[ic] Copying the works

Jeff Carnahan jcarnahan@networq.com
Sat, 28 Apr 2001 17:42:28 -0700

}I've successfully installed interchange and apache on a new machine and
}was wondering how I can make interchange work with a complete copy of the
}interchange/{pages,products,orders...} from the old site.

You should be able to copy the entire catalog directory (and subdirectories)
from your old machine onto the new one. You can skip the contents of the
sessions and temp directories (I assume you don't need these for your

Also make sure to copy over any global usertags or global subroutines you've
created on your old server that your catalog uses. These will need to go on
your new server and be included by interchange.cfg

Now add the catalog on your new machine to interchange.cfg and you should be
up and running. This is very similar to the installation of a new version of
interchange, you simply install over the last one.

Jeff Carnahan - jcarnahan@networq.com