[ic] GlobalSub, OrderProfile, params

Jacob =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=F6nnichsen?= Jacob.Sonnichsen@get2net.dk
Sun, 29 Apr 2001 15:52:25 +0200

Hello Jean-Paul

I am pretty much stuck in the same situation. I have included my
globalsub in the interchange.cfg. I checked, that my perl-script has no
syntax errors and added some dumps from the script. The only feedback I
get is from the error.log saying bad globalsub. And that's it.
Someone out there who has experienced this?


>I have been trying all different kinds of ways to pass values to my
>custom GlobalSub, but nothing seems to work.
>In my ../etc/profiles.order I have the following line:
>        &charge=custom linkpt_charge '[value credit_card_number]'
>        mv_credit_card_exp_month]' '[value mv_credit_card_exp_year]'
>        b_fname] [value b_lname]' '[value email]' '[value phone_day]'
>        b_address1] [value b_address2]' '[value b_city]' '[value
>        '[value country]' '[salestax noformat=1]' '[shipping
>I have my `linkpt_charge' GlobalSub dump the values to ::logDebug, but
>nothing is getting passed. I even tried hardcoded values, but no luck.
>Does anyone have any clues?
>Jean-Paul Stewart
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