[ic] Image and Thumb in item editor

Scott Moat smoat@dtgnet.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 02:17:17 -0500

I am wondering if anyone figured this out.  I have the same problem except
not only is the thumb entry box missing but the image one is also.

As for more info I just upgraded to 4.6.5 before I upgraded it did work
before.  I also at the same time moved the locations of some of the files

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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> At 08:40 PM 4/8/2001 -0500, Robert Trembath wrote:
> >Check the symlink to the images directory in var/lib/interchange/<catalog
> >name>/ to /var/www/html/<catalog name>/images/
> >Robert
> ok, your not following me
> images will display from images/items
> images will display from images/thumb
> but using the constuct demo there is not admin template to edit BOTH the
> image filename and thumb filename.
> If you go to the admin menu, click on items, select ANY item, you will see
> there is only a input box for ONLY image, there is no input box for
> thumb.  If you edit/add here, that form deletes whatever is actually in
> thumb cell of the table when saved.  btw, the order in the from is image
> tag, image input box; next line thumb tag, no input box.
> Now, if you go to admin, tables, select the products table, then edit it
> spreadsheet mode, you will see the cells for both image and thumb.  On any
> UNEDITED item there will be a filename in BOTH cells.  On a edited item,
> the thumb cell is empty.  Now if you select a item in this mode for edit,
> you will see that the thumb tag, image input box, next line image tage, no
> input box is display.  If you edit and save here, the filename is inserted
> for the thumb cell, and the image cell is wiped clean upon save.
> I have been able to replicate this behavior in the stock construct demo
> also my modified setup.  The ONLY way I can get a filename in both image
> and thumb cells is to export, edit, reimport.  But then any other admin I
> give access to has this problem as well.
> Suggestions, ideas, fixes?
> Thanks
> Tony
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